COLUMN-Instead of a divorce, the GOP needs primary reform

A few days ago, an older and wiser friend
of mine and I had a lengthy conversation about divorce, that
most cheerful of subjects. He noted that one of the surest signs
of a marriage in trouble was that both parties were convinced
that they had been forgiving of various betrayals and
accommodating of various foibles, yet this generosity hadn’t
been reciprocated. Naturally, this brought to mind the
increasingly strained relationship between Tea Party
conservatives and Republican regulars. What better way to
describe how Ted Cruz must feel about John Boehner, the sellout,
and how John Boehner must feel about Ted Cruz, the zealot?

Molly Ball of the Atlantic recounts the quasi-mutinous
musings of various conservative luminaries, like Glenn Beck of
TheBlaze, Erick Erickson of, and Sean Hannity of
Fox News, among others. As recently as 2010, the notion that the
Tea Party movement would bolt from the GOP to establish a party
of its own would have seemed absurd. But now, in the wake of a
fiscal showdown that’s proven to be an utter fiasco for
congressional Republicans, the idea of a bona fide divorce is
gaining credence. Among the Tea Party faithful, there is a
widespread conviction that the effort to defund Obamacare would
have proven successful had Speaker Boehner and his anxious
allies been tougher, and more willing to risk breaching the debt
ceiling. Republican regulars, meanwhile, are largely convinced
that the defund Obamacare effort was a hopeless indulgence that
exacted a real political cost. At least one critic of the Tea
Party movement, David Frum of the Daily Beast and CNN, has
argued that Republicans would benefit if “the Sarah Palins and
the Ted Cruzes who have done so much harm to their hopes over
the past three election cycles” were to bolt.

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