How to privatize child protection in six easy stages

Sometimes seeing the whole picture is difficult when the detail is drip-fed. But after a year of detailed announcements and changes, the education secretary Michael Gove‘s agenda to privatise child protection is becoming visible. Here are the government’s six steps to child protection privatisation.

1. Rubbish social workers by requiring that a serious case review into a child’s death is published in full and then describe it as “risible” if it does not deliver on a plate the heads of social workers, as happened last week when children‘s minister, Edward Timpson, criticised the SCR into the death of Hamzah Khan (pictured). Ensure there is plenty of critical comment to feed the press. And if there is any local reluctance to publish in full a review, to protect the identities and welfare of remaining children, have a national panel with no sharp-end experience in child protection to bully the local safeguarding children board into publication.

2. Take care that attention is not on the role and involvement of the police, doctors, health workers or schools.

3. Give the blame culture credibility by making sweeping statements aboutpolitically correct and naive social workers who are concerned about the increasing deprivation created by welfare cuts for a growing number of children and families they meet every day.

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